Monday, October 22, 2012

A Newport Evening

Although Newport Beach is relatively close to us, we never get down there. This last weekend though, my work had a function that let us spend the evening close to the beach.

The event was at the Hyatt Regency, and when we arrived there were a ton of things going on! There were a couple of reunions, a wedding (we saw the bride, she looked pretty!), a triathlon…and a weird“reconnection” seminar [foreshadowing].

We checked in but our room wasn’t quite ready. The hotel staff offered us a room in a villa that was only being partially rented out by another party. We figured it was just for one night so we took it. The villa was pretty cool. There were a total of 3 rooms inside the villa (each had their own door/lock) that if you rented the whole thing it would look just like a little townhouse.


When we walked up to our room, we had a view of the back patio and pool. And…those “reconnection” people. Yep, the main guy was below us and was doing some kind of healing in the pool area. There were camera men and a patient…very weird.


We couldn’t watch for long since we had to set up for our event that night (“we” as in I dragged Jeff along with me).

The room turned out pretty nice!




After set up we made a minor detour to Fashion Island since I forgot ALL my make up. I was able to piece together enough to make it through the night. We headed back to our room and finished getting ready and then headed down for some pictures around 5:50pm.

The next morning Jeff and I woke up to the triathlon going on right next to our villa. (Yep going to work that in as much as possible.) Later we looked it up online and it was only a sprint, definitely do-able for Jeff…sorry about that babe!


We checked out of our room and headed over to Mutt Lynch’s for some breakfast. I’d never been here before but Jeff has been a ton of times. It’s right by the beach and has crazy d├ęcor on the inside. We were carded as we walked in…yeah, during breakfast hours.



The menu was huge and I ended up ordering the Eggs Benedict (my first time trying) and it was pretty good.


With a side of bacon…because bacon makes the world right.


Since we were in the area, we decided to drive the Half Marathon route. *GULP* This was a bad idea. I same more hills than I’m used to and at one point Jeff goes “This is the turnaround” and I nearly freaked out. I thought we were already headed home…not just half way through the run.

I’m seriously panicking right now and we still have 15 weeks to go.