Saturday, October 27, 2012

Surf City HM–Week 2 LR

If you don’t want to hear about our Half Marathon training, just skip this post-no hard feelings!  It’s really for our benefit to remind us what works and what doesn’t during training.

Long Run Recap – 5 miles

Last week I hit a rough patch at 4 miles and basically gave in the last mile.  Today was just the opposite.  This week’s LR was all rainbows and unicorns.

We woke up around 6am to wake up our legs and take care of *ahem* business.  We hit the road around 7:20am.  The weather was cool around the high 40’s but the sun was just starting to rise.  I wrote our goal times on my arm for easy reference. 


The first two miles (as always) were rough.  My legs were cramping and I really really just wanted to turn around and go home.  But I knew it would get better during mile 3.  Prior to our run, I had decided to try what I did last week.  Run 2 miles and then walk 0.1, run 0.9 x3. 

Jeff was feeling good so we split up around mile 2, he kept running and I took a short walk break.  At 4 miles I ate 2 Honey Stingers and felt great until 4.5 miles.  My legs began to get tired but by them I was so close to being done, it was easy to push through it. 


5 miles done!  Jeff finished in about 58 mins. 


Now we are chillin’ in our twin socks.  Love those things!