Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ledson Winery

Last week I attended a work conference in Rohnert Park.  We had a day off to ourselves and my group decided to go to a couple of wineries for tasting.  Our fist stop was Ledson Winery.  I couldn’t remember until we were there, but I’ve been their twice before.  Once with Jeff’s friends and another with my mom.  We’ve never tasted there so this time was a little different.




Our second stop was also somewhere I’ve been before, St. Francis.  We shared a bottle of wine out on the patio instead of doing a tasting and it was perfect!



Afterwards we went back to the hotel to check in.  I passed this door on my way to my room, thankful I was no where close to this party room!



My room was nice and had a tiny balcony.  The only weird thing, it was connected to all the other balcony’s.  So I could literally walk behind all the rooms and peek into their sliding glass doors.  Creepy.


We had dinner one night at Ca Bianca’s, a nice Italian restaurant in Santa Rosa, no pictures since it was still techincally a “working” dinner. 

I love that I can travel with work and scope out place for Jeff and I to return to!  Now I just need to convince my boss to go to our Sacramento office!  Winking smile