Friday, October 5, 2012

What a Wednesday

I’ve been gone all week again for work and Jeff has been keeping me in the loop about what’s been going on back home.


Yep that was my baby plane.  We deboarded right on the runway.  Crazy.

Chloe was due for a groom so he took her into Petco on Wednesday.  Since she was going in during the middle of the week, the regular gal who grooms her wasn’t available.  When Jeff went to go pick her up, the groomer told him Chloe “had an incident”. 


What?!?  Chloe is not aggressive AT ALL!  But…dogs are dogs.  Thankfully everyone is okay but geeze Chloe. 


Later that day, Jeff had a softball game and missed the ball coming his way.  No worries, his chin caught it. 

Thankfully it’s Friday and I have the day off.  Three day weekends are THE BEST!