Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My last day being 30

On my last day of being 30, I fell going up an escalator. 


But more on that in a bit.  On Monday, C&C went out for breakfast with mom while I watched the little nieces.


Hailey showed off her b-ball skills, complete with dunking from BEHIND the basket.




Look at those jumping skills!



And then she would dunk the ball and jump from the couch.  Right after this picture I told her to stop so she didn’t hurt herself.


Oh, maybe after this shot?


Oops…maybe not…


Yesterday Jeff went to Restaurant Depot and bought a TON of food to freeze for the future.  Can you tell he was excited?




And now the escalator…Jeff and I went to Macy’s yesterday to go look at couches.  We had looked on that floor and then began to make our way downstairs.  I stepped on the escalator first and as soon as I was on it, Jeff say more couches.  I was soooo close to the top, I just turned around and began to run up the escalator.

It would have been fine, but my legs were tired from our run earlier that morning and I miscalculated the distance to step off…and fell to both knees on the escalator.  It was funny, but man my knees hurt after.  Shannon tried to console me by saying “at least no one saw you”.  No one EVER sees me fall.  I’ve fallen now 3 times at public establishments and no store person ever sees me.  :(

And that’s how my last day being thirty went down.  Hopefully 31 doesn’t start out the same way!