Friday, March 16, 2012

I cannot believe this is happening again

We’ve had a really mild winter here in the SoCal.  Lots of sunshine, highs in the 80’s and very little rain.  All of a sudden, the rain is coming in for the entire weekend.


And see that…on Sunday 3/25?  Yep.  More rain.  The first thing that came into my mind was, dang it, my mom is coming down that weekend to rain instead of 80 degree weather. 

And then the husband reminded me of this.

Coaster Run 5K, 10K and Camp Snoopy Kids Run

NOOOOOOO.  We signed up for our second 10k race at the same time as our first.  This was supposed to be our back up run in case the Ontario Mills 10k didn’t happen.  But our first 10k did happen and completely in the rain.  And now our second 10k looks like it will be in the rain again.  :( 

IMG_0006 (640x467)

It was completely not fun running 6 miles in the rain.  It was cold, wet and we had chafing where you shouldn’t have chafing.  I would totally try to bail on this race but they have the Knott’s boysenberry pie after AND a medal.  And everyone knows shiny things rock.  Smile