Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Rock

First thing first…Happy Birthday to our niece

IMG_0252 (480x640)

Tuesday afternoon I received an email from a co-worker about a 340 ton rock that was being transported from Riverside all the way to LA to be featured in a museum.  The rock has made the news and has a mapped out schedule of all the cities it will be driving through and making stops. 


The most recent stop was very close to us, so we headed over to see the fuss.



Apparently this rock even has its own twitter handle…so funny! 

After our 5 minute visit, we headed over to the birthday girl’s house to drop off a present.



When I asked her where she went for her birthday (I was expecting to hear grandma's or the park) she answered….Costco.  BAHAHAHA.

Love that little girl.  We can’t wait to celebrate this weekend!