Sunday, March 4, 2012

Operation Don’t Hate the LR

When I think of the happy running feeling I get after finishing a run, it’s usually after 2 or 3 mile.  There is something inherently uplifting when you kick ass for 24-36 minutes.  Rainbows are everywhere and unicorns are jumping over them.  Any distance longer than that usually has me crawling under the covers and tiptoeing around the LR. 

Unfortunately if you want to run anything further than a 5k, you have to push yourself to run further.  Especially if your far off goal is a half marathon.  There is no way I would be able to run 13.1 miles without clocking in *some* runs over 3 miles.

So on today’s agenda:  4 miles.  I wrote down my own pacing times to ensure I’d make my goal time.  Worked like a charm.


And then I stalled and re-did my playlist.  Must have good music if I wanted to have a fighting chance.  No, I won’t show you since it’s mostly Katy Perry and other Pop stuff that Jeff would make fun of.

And then I hoped on the dreadmill and started going. 

The first mile was a little slower than my scheduled pace since I needed to warm up.  My knee is still blegh – yeah yeah, I’ll get some new shoes already.  Mile 2 felt good and I popped a Shot Blok for some extra energy.  Mile 3 I could feel my legs tiring.  Mile 4 was the toughest.  Our bedroom faces the early morning sun so the room began to feel like a suana.  I had to up the pace to compensate for the warm up during the first mile and did not want to. 

Finally I was counting down the last .10 of the run. 

4 miles in 50 mins exactly.  And if you check out my arm above, exactly at goal!  Brings the weeks training to: 


Next weeks LR is 5 miles.  Hopefully early and outside to make it more bearable.