Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pizza and Presents

Yesterday my mom came down to visit and we headed to BJ’s for some lunch.  C&C were in the area and joined us. 

Hailey and Noelle (especially Noelle!!) did so good at the restaurant. 



At first Hailey was didn’t want to sit next to my mom, but eventually she warmed up to her and requested to move closer.  When I asked her to pose for a picture, she did but I must have taken too long because she decided to take a bite of pizza during the picture.  Hah, photobombed by a piece of pizza. 


After lunch Shannon, Mom and myself went shopping.  We found an introductory price for a massage and may or may not have scheduled an appointment for my birthday. 

That night we had everyone over for dinner.  Poor Kalea wasn’t feeling well and even had to go to the ER yesterday. 


Brooklyn and Kalea were participating in their first fundraising and pressured the adults to buy stuff. 


Since Hailey’s birthday had passed and Noelle’s is coming up, Mom bought them a gift. 



And then Brooklyn taught Hailey how to do jumping jacks. 


Practice makes perfect!  Smile


It was a late night and now Jeff and I are up early to run 2 miles – our first all week since my breathing has been OOC (out of control).  Wish us luck!