Thursday, January 12, 2012

Double Registration

Jeff and I have been increasing our mileage for 1 reason.  Our first 10k.  I’ve been getting nervous about running 6 miles so I finally just held my breath and did it.


Not one, but two 10k’s.

Next week’s 10k – The Ontario Mills 10k.  It’s a local race with a 6:30am start (gulp).  It had some mixed reviews but lots of feedback from the event coordinator that they should be resolved in 2012.


The back up 10k – The Coaster Run.  This run sounds like fun.  It’s at Knott’s Berry Farm (but not in it) and promises a free piece of boysenberry pie at the end.  Plus a medal!

Now all we have to do is run 6 miles.  Thinking smile