Sunday, January 29, 2012

Working it out

This morning Danny had an early appointment so dropped the nieces off.  I was finishing my run on the treadmill when the girls announced they wanted to try it. 

I set the pace to level 1 and both girls hopped on to go for a walk.



At first Kalea was so worried she was going to roll right off the back.  After assuring her she was fine, she began to have fun with it.


The the girls switched who was in front and Brooklyn brought up the rear. 


Once the girls finished with their morning workout, we headed to Ikea to take a look at a couch.  I really, really wanted to love it but I just don’t think it’s going to be “the” couch.  Couch Hunt 2012 is still a go.

The girls needed to burn off some energy so they hopped on their bikes to ride around in the garage. 


Brooklyn’s tire was flat so Jeff had to fill it up with air.  Jeff’s face is priceless.  I’m pretty sure this is 100% the way he feels when I ask him to take a picture. 


But he always does his best to smile for the camera anyway. 


Too bad Brooklyn’s tire popped and we didn’t have a replacement inner tube.  #bikefail

I can’t believe it is already Sunday night and the work week is starting over!  Where is my winning lottery ticket when I need it??