Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mickey loves to party!

Jeff and I headed down to Orange to party with Mickey Mouse. 


What were we celebrating?  This guy turning 2!

photo 3

Happy birthday Cody!

Cody’s grandparents (Nona and Poppa) had some yummy Mexican food for lunch and a Mouse inspired cake for dessert.


The best part about going to a kids’ birthday party?  Watching them open their presents!  Cody was especially excited and good at opening his gifts. 

He was throwing out the tissue paper like a mad man! 

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (2)

I hope he liked our gift, it was the first toy that he opened.  It was actually Cody’s and Poppa’s birthday celebration…but kids always trump adults in cuteness.  :)

As we were saying our goodbye’s, Jeff’s aunt gave us a cute personalized “Thank You” photocard.  Loved it!

IMG_0131 (640x379)

{Sidenote}  While we were at Cody’s Nona and Poppa’s house, they had a treadmill they no longer use and offered for us to take it off their hands!  We did some bedroom rearranging and it is now residing on Jeff’s side of the room. 

We’ve already tried to get Chloe to walk on it but it’s a no go.  She starts to get going, but then stops and just slides right off the back.  Then barks at it.

{Sidenote II}  Tomorrow we do our long run, 5.5 miles and I’m totally freaking out.  I was sick earlier this week and for one reason or another we have not run since our last 5 miler.  So want to get out there, but so don’t want to do the mileage.  Wish us luck!