Thursday, June 7, 2012

A first kiss

Another low key evening at our house!  Danny stopped by as soon as he picked up the nieces.  Kalea came with a dvd and a story.  We’ll get to the story in a second, first the dvd.

The girls had their last day of school today and Kalea’s teacher gave the kids a slideshow of pictures from throughout the year.  All four nieces were enjoying the footage.


Kalea’s story…no not yet. Instead we’ll talk about this.  We had some cake as an early birthday celebration for Shannon. 



Happy Birthday Shannon!!


Yeah, this cake was good.  Another thing that was good…Kalea’s story.  Remember this little boy from Kalea’s graduation ceremony?  His name is Bing.  Kalea and he have been bff’s from the beginning and it was all we heard about.  Bing this, Bing that. 


Well yesterday, on the second to last day of school, Bing ran up to Kalea, told her he liked her dress and then kissed her on her cheek.  IT WAS THE FIRST THING KALEA SAID WHEN SHE WALKED IN THE DOOR.  “Bing kissed me!”  And then she brought it up during the video.  “There’s Bing, he kissed me.”  Poor Danny.  He finally gave us a stern warning to stop bringing it up. 

And after that evening, I need a drink!