Saturday, June 2, 2012


I saw this new challenge pop up on another blog.  The challenge is to post one picture a day for the month of June.  The difference is, the blogger assigned each day a theme, to give it a fun twist. 


I’m already a day behind, so below are the first 2 pictures. 

Jeff and I had an early wake up call and dropped Shannon off at the airport.  We came home and I convinced Jeff to got on an early morning run, 2 miles done! 

After our run, Jeff wanted to try out a new to us place for breakfast.  He had heard about Riverside Grill on Yelp so we grabbed my dad and went for some Mexican breakfast. 


I ordered the the chorizo con juevos and Jeff ordered the Nopal Pacifico.  Obviously he liked his, you can tell by his plate. 

After breakfast, Jeff convinced me to go to the bike store with him.  We’ll see if he was successful in convincing me he ‘needed’ a new bike.