Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wet N Wild 5k

We had so much fun!!  The race was put on by Strong Ministries and had a new location this year.  In the past it was at Wild Rivers, this year it was at Knott’s Berry Farm & Soak City.

Normally Jeff and I like to pick up our race stuff the day before, but unfortunately I couldn’t get off of work so we decided to pick it up the day of the race.

We arrived at the park around 6:45am and parking was a breeze.  We walked down to the registration pick up and it was a zoo!  There were a ton of people in a small area, I think Jeff almost turned around and walked back to the car. 

Eventually we got our packets and lined up at the starting line.   Since everything took awhile at check in, we were towards the back, but no big deal – we were heading into this race with the goal to just have fun. 


What was nice about this course is that it’s almost run entirely through the two parks. 

After the national anthem, we were off!


As soon as we started running, we start heading into the park. 






One of my favorite things at Knott’s Berry Farm…the funnel cakes.  Smile


A majority of the runners wore the race’s tech tee, but a handful of runners chose to dress up.  The guy below was ready for that lazy river!


Jeff decided that he needed a break mid race.


About half way into the race, they had a band playing Christian music.  It was a great energy boost and some runners actually stopped and danced around a bit.  Oh, can’t see them?  Yeah, Jeff photo bombed me. 


One guy in front of us ran the ENTIRE course without shoes.



Towards the end of the race was the big finale that makes it stand out amongst the other races.  The lazy river run. 



They had bags ready for people to take off their shoes and put them in.  Jeff and I had long decided, just run the river with our shoes on.  So in we went, shoes & socks.




Maybe a hundred feet after the river, is the finish line. 


After the finish, everyone is pushed through the water/orange/banana line and then straight to the expo.  It was very crowded and for those wanting to just go back to the car, they couldn’t.  There was literally only one way out.

While I don’t think this race is actually worth racing-the lazy river really slows you down since you are pretty much walking-it is a ton of FUN! 

Jeff and I definitely want to do this one again next year!