Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh no we didn’t

Something crazy happened last night. 

Other than Natosha Rogers FALLING and getting trampled during the 10k trials and then getting back up and placing second!!  #tracktown #olypmictrials #beast

Something crazy happened last night.  We signed up for this.


Yeah, I wouldn’t believe me either.  So…here’s the proof.


Already I’m dreading it excited!  It’s not until February and you can sure as heck bet, that if you are reading this…I’m expecting you in Huntington Beach, spectating with a sign that says something along the line of “You can do it Dione & Jeff!” 

But wait until February, because if you go down there this weekend to spectate you’ll just be plain creepy. 

Coincidentally this showed up in my twitter feed.


And now I’ll take that as a sign to go shopping.  I love me some Lululemon.