Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little bit farther

Jeff and I hit the trails again this morning.  We chose a different route that we thought was going to be a 5 mile trail. 

We passed these guys again, except instead of 2 snakes there were 3!  Something startled them and as we were looking, one began to rattle.  It stopped quickly but it was scary!


This time we went in a little farther before we began to head up. 


The hill on this route were tough in the beginning.  It doesn’t look like much, but trust me, it was a steep incline! 


During a part of the single track, we something that should not have been there.  An old chair!  The trail was so narrow and almost to the top, how did someone get it there?  It was completely torn apart and the insides of the couch were everywhere.  Some animal must have thought it was snack. 


We got to the top and saw the big red barn off in the distance. 


On our way down, we saw another part of the wildlife.  See it in the distance? 


On old coyote.  This sucker was gutsy.  He was really close to the trail we were on.  We tried to scare it away, but instead it just gave us a look and kept trying to get whatever animal it was hunting.  We literally got like 20 feet away and it did not budge. 


We were on our way out when Jeff noticed some tadpoles in a nearby stream. 


For whatever reason, our legs were feeling like jello.  We were maybe 100 feet from the exit when I had one minor misstep.  I went down on my knee and scraped it at bit.  I have a small bruise but it’s nbd.  We ended up just short of 6 miles versus the 5 we had planned.  Now I’m resting my legs for the week!