Sunday, October 16, 2011

Green River Golf Course

Jeff and I wanted to get another trail run in for practice.  We were originally headed to Bonelli Park but at the last minute changed our minds and headed over to the Santa Ana River trail. 

We parked our car along the 91 fwy and started the half mile walk to the trail.  There are two ways you can go, to the left to go along the Santa Ana River or to the right to go behind the Green River Golf Course.  We picked the golf course to have some kind of scenery.



We had to cross some obstacles but eventually made it to the trail.  This trail was different from Chino Hills State Park as it had very little shade.  Most of the run was in the direct 80 degree sun.  We ran by some horses, but for some reason my phone started to fritz and deleted that picture along with a couple others.  I had it stuffed in my sports bra and I think my sweat short circuted it a bit.  I eventually turned it off and just jammed it into my pants pocket. 

We got to the turn around point and took a much needed shade break.  We drank some water and then turned around and head back.  The run back was much better, but much slower.  And after what seemed like forever, we finished our 3 mile run.  Then had to walk the half mile to the car.  Nice.