Saturday, October 15, 2011

I’m a sucker for a discount

With 2 races under our belt and a slight case of racing fever, Jeff and I have been contemplating our next race.  There was one this weekend, but it was pretty expensive and in Orange.  We were also looking at this one.


This race is being held Thanksgiving weekend and a trail run.  Jeff goes mountain bike riding here and warned that some of the trails are pretty tough.  That with the cost ($35 since we missed the early bird registration) had me putting off signing up. 

Until this popped up in my inbox.


$20!?!  That’s a big deal!  Most local races cost at least $25 and even the early registration for this race was only $30.  I contemplated for 10 seconds and then bought the coupon and registered us for the race. 

Since I’ve only done a trail run once before, Jeff and I are going to head out to the park tomorrow to run the trail for preparation.  I hope I don’t regret signing up!