Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Bosses Day to Me!

Bosses day landed on a Sunday this year, so when I went into work on Monday I had a surprise waiting for me!  My team had organized a potluck and bought me a gift.  A bottle of wine and VISA gift card?  Thank you! 

Jeff and I didn’t let that gift car sit for long.  After a stressful day of work, we went to Lucille’s on Thursday.  We hardly go to Lucille’s so it was a nice mid-week treat.

I love that they serve their drinks in mason jars. 


And that they start you off with fresh biscuits and sweet butter.


We ordered a sampler appetizer platter and then their Back Porch platter to share.


It was so good and we even had leftovers to bring home.  It was very sweet of my team to think of me.  They are awesome!