Friday, July 1, 2011

It’s me again!!!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  It’s me Chloe again!!!  My fur mommy told me I could write a post again telling you all about MY fun adventures while she and fur daddy were gone. 

I got to stay at my Aunty Shannon’s house again and boy did we have fun.  Whenever fur mommy and fur daddy take me on my potty walks, it’s always the same route or sometimes just the grass in front of their house.  But at Aunty Shannon’s she takes me on 20 minute walks!  Every time!! 

It was really windy one time and it caused me to have crazy hair!


On one of my walks, there was another couple that looked really really dangerous.  I barked at them to warn Aunty Shannon and then she started running away from them so I had no other option but to run too.  Once we got in the house, she put me on watch dog duty so I glued my eyes to the door to make sure they didn’t follow us in. 


I’m always so excited when I go to my Aunty Shannon’s that I usually tire myself out and take lots of naps.  It’s okay, Aunty Shannon let’s me sleep where ever I like. 




But one of my favorite things to do while spending time with Aunty Shannon, is keep an eye on the food she puts in her mouth.  If I can get really really close to her mouth, she sometimes forgets and puts the food in my mouth instead!  Thank you for the rice Aunty Shannon. 


The only thing that was sort of blegh about the weekend, was when Aunty Shannon tried to brush my hair.  I hate to have nice hair and prefer it more on the crazy side.  So when she pulled out the brush, I assumed the position and tried to think of happy thoughts. 


Soon it was time for fur daddy to pick me up.  I was sooooooooooooooooooo happy to see him that I kept trying to like his face all over. 

My fur mommy and fur daddy missed me so much, they bought me a souvenir!  It’s an Alcatraz t-shirt that says I was rejected because I’m so cute.  I 100% agree with my t-shirt!!


Bye for now!!

**It should be noted that Shannon didn’t “run away” from her neighbors and that Chloe may have been exaggerating the truth to cover up her own scaredy cat tendencies.**