Saturday, July 2, 2011

my lucky shirt

Uh-oh, my shirt has created a monster.

Last night Jeff and I were talking about our run this morning.  We decided to do 3 miles and to get up early since So Cal is having one massive heat wave (a high of 101 today). 

However this morning when the alarm went off at 6:30 am, we looked at each other and could read it in each other’s eyes.  “What the heck are we doing awake this early on a Saturday”.  After about 15 minutes of snoozing we finally got our of bed.  I changed quickly to avoid talking myself out of our run.

I had put on a new tank top that I got in SF but for some reason, wasn’t digging it this morning.  My stomach has been acting up lately and was noticeably bloated in the tank.  My only two loose tops were in the hamper.  Bummer.  I wore the tank around the house but right before we walked out the door, grabbed the tech shirt I wore on my epic 4 mile run.  Yes it was dirty, but it was dirty with epic SF sweat (and yes, I just used epic twice). 

It was rough getting started, my legs were literally cursing my existence.  But I told them to shut up and keep going. 

The first mile was just okay.  The lower half of my legs were beginning to ache so I changed my stride a bit to provide some relief. 

Then all of a sudden, mile two was completed and lo and behold, I was still running.  I told my cranky legs at least run until 2.5 and then you can take a walk break, all the while knowing I was going to push through this whole run.  Around 2.5 my breathing all of sudden took a dive.  I was taking shallow, quick breaths and started to feel dizzy.  I yelled for Jeff just in case he turned the corner and didn’t see me collapse – you know so he could stop the Garmin.  (Passing out time should not be counted towards running time!!)  He came back and very loudly started breathing.  Somehow my body picked up the slow rhythmic pattern Jeff was breathing and calmed down. 

PSA:  If you have asthma you should ALWAYS have your inhaler close to you!

And then we turned the corner and finished our 3 mile run in our neighborhood!  3 miles straight through, done and done!!  In 37:22. 

All in a dirty shirt.

So here is my dilemma.  Do I wash the shirt or go for as long as I can w/o washing it?  I’m a bit superstitious when I work out.  I had all my quirks with karate (I matched my rubber band w/the color of my belt) and now it appears, there may be one forming with my running.  I’m worried about washing off the good mojo.

Hmm…decisions, decisions.  For now my shirt is hanging up to dry…