Friday, June 24, 2011

Every time I want a good run, I should hop on a plane and fly to SF

The last time we ran in San Francisco, I PR’d in my time.  This time…in distance. 

Recently I’ve only been getting in about 2 runs a week and try to make the weekend run a long run to boost our weekly mileage.  This week, the last time we ran was Monday and it was a crap run.  With that and since we are on vacation, I decided to only do a 2 mile run. 

When we woke up bright and early this morning (thanks construction) I got changed quickly so as to not talk myself out of it.  Jeff wanted to catch a few zzz’s to make up for yesterday’s lack thereof so just me and my mom went out. 

I had kept warning my mom that I run slow and she assured me that was fine.  So we headed out to run.  {Side note: Why did my Garmin take like 2 seconds to catch signal here when it takes minutes at home????  What the heck So Cal???}

Our run had us going towards the Marina and then around Crissy Field.  Somewhere during 1 mile, we ran right past Aron from Runner’s Rambles.  I totally shouted out at my mom, oh my gosh I read her blog!  She just looked at me all confused, LOL. 

Our plan was turn around at mile 1 but then my mom suggested running to the Golden Gate Bridge.  She said it was only 2 miles and we could walk the whole way back.  It sounded like a plan so we kept going.

It was actually 2.3 miles to the bridge.  We ran to the end so I could put my hands on Hooper’s hands and then turned and kept running.  Up until this point, I had only ran 2.25 mile straight but felt good so I thought I’d push myself. 

{Side note: Jeff ran this route yesterday morning without stopping!  He went to Hooper’s hands, one of the reasons I wanted to push myself to go there today.  Holla!!}

At 3 miles I had planned on stopping.  I took 1 walking step before my mom suggested we run just a bit more to the stop sign (about a 1/4 mile away.  I felt pretty good so agreed.

We finally stopped at the 4 mile mark.  THAT’S RIGHT – 4 MILES OF STRAIGHT RUNNING W/O BREAKS!!  HOLY CRAP!!

4 miles in 49:02, done and done! 

When I checked the Garmin I also noticed we did negative splits.  WHAT?!?!

  • Mile 1 – 12:43 (I told you I run slow)
  • Mile 2 – 12:19
  • Mile 3 – 12:04
  • Mile 4 – 11:57


**My legs are going to scream at me as we walk around the city.  Sorry legs.