Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun, Sun & a Run

Last night Shannon made plans with C & C to watch the baby nieces.  At my house.  So…last night I watched the baby nieces.

Winking smile

Hailey and Noelle came over and were in happy moods.  Jeff and I had to go to my dad’s to pick up some stuff and left Shannon alone with the girls for a bit.  Unfortunately when we came back, Noelle’s teeth had started hurting her and she was craaankeeee. 

We finally realized all she wanted was to be left alone on the couch, watching her tv shows.


IMG_9699 IMG_9720IMG_9722 IMG_9723

Meanwhile Hailey was an angel and played with her Aunty.  Smile



Noellie was interested in the play money.


But more interested in this pole.


This morning Jeff and I got up bright and early to head over to Nana’s & Tata’s for a garage sale.


Chloe came with…


When we got there, we didn’t even have time to unpack before people started coming over to shop.  We ended up only bringing home 2-3 boxes. 

garage sale

Unfortunately the sun was in full shine and I came home a little red.  (Please excuse the horribly unflattering photo, it was the best one to show off my sunburn.)



Boo sunburns!  Between the sun and our 4 mile run, I’m beat and ready for a nap.