Saturday, June 18, 2011

Slow Progress

At least it is better than NO progress! 

Jeff and I were supposed to run yesterday, but Jeff was in need of a second rest day after his mini-tri.  We headed out today to do a 3 mile run.  No speed work, no tempo run, just a slow and steady 3 miles. 

The first mile felt pretty comfortable.  My breathing was good and Jeff and I were able to hold some conversation in the beginning.  When we started the second mile, I started to talk to myself, setting mini goals.  Okay, I’ll run until 1.5 and then see how I feel.  Okay, now to 1.75 and so on.  I really wanted to run the first 2 miles with out stopping to show to myself that last week wasn’t a fluke

Booyah!  We ran 2.25 miles straight, walked .4 and finished the rest of the run in 39:47.  I feel like I am so close to running the full 3 miles straight. 


(Yeah, I know, that’s a gross picture…you should just feel lucky you can’t smell me.  Smile)

Asthma Update

I’ve been way more consistent taking my Advair inhaler and take it approximately 5 out of 7 days a week.  My recommended dose is to take it twice a day, everyday, but I’m cheap so I like to self medicate and lower my dose.  I also like to think it forces my lungs to do what they should be doing without less of a crutch.  I’m no doctor so I don’t recommend anyone else do this or am not sure if this is even medically possible.  Smile

{Side note:  it really bugs that the happy face increases the line spacing.  If anyone reading this knows how to correct it, please tell me!!}


You’ve probably noticed that my pace has dropped dramatically.  I’m running close to a 12:45ish mile which is about 2 minutes slower than when I was walking/running a mile and 3 minutes slower than my fastest mile time.  I slowed my pace to allow for a stronger overall run.  I found it allows me to still have energy at the end of the run to push myself instead of wantin to curl up on the ground in fetal position. 

Jeff has started to also “hint” that we should be doing speed work during the week.  I’m thinking of shooting for an 11:00 min/mile pace to start off with and then going from there. 


My husband is awesomesauce and I love running with him.  He encourages me (except for that one time) and makes mountains out of my tiny mole hill accomplishments.  He can obviously run a lot faster than me since he has gloriously strong and robust lungs but sticks with me.  I hope our future children have his lungs.  But my math skills, definitely my math skills.