Monday, June 20, 2011

chloe runs this house

It’s so hard to yell at Chloe when she does something cute.  The first time she jumped on the kitchen table, it caught me by such surprise I didn’t even grab my camera.

Unfortunately it’s become a too often event.  The other night Jeff was in the kitchen washing dishes.  He looked up and Chloe was sitting on the chair looking back at him.  She had the look like “what, I’m just sitting here.” 


When Jeff turned away, he heard a loud rustling then clickity clacking (her nails) and turned around and saw this.  Chloe waiting until he wasn’t looking before she jumped on the table.



Granted we stop and take pictures and she probably interprets that as being okay.  But seriously dog, this has got to stop.  Unless you are going to jump up and deal with that clutter on the table.  If so, by all means jump and declutter.  Otherwise, stay on the floor!