Thursday, June 2, 2011

our car

In case you’re wondering how the leather seats look in our new car…I’m gonna have to make you wait.  Why you ask?

Jeff and I drove down to the dealership after work to pick up our car.  We were excited to see how it looked and to get rid of the stinky rental. 

When we arrived, it was obviously close to closing time.  The rep who was assisting us when Jeff dropped off the car was no longer there and we had to deal with another gal.  Everything was fine until the valet went to get our car.  The window that had the lock box hanging from it would now wind down.  WHAT?  Our brand new car has a window that doesn’t work?

We {Jeff} put her through the ringer trying to get a technician down tonight to open the panel and fix the window but alas, it did not work.  Jeff tracked down a couple of sales managers who offered to fill up the gas tank and a free detail in a few weeks if we come back tomorrow to pick up the car. 

We really wanted to come home with our new leather seats but I guess they will need to spend one more night at the dealership.  BOOOO.