Sunday, June 12, 2011


Jeff has started training for his Half Ironman in March next year.  He’s taking things day by day to ensure he is training smart and avoiding injuries.  He has a sprint tri coming up in August.

Sprint Triathon

Saturday, August 6, 2011

8:00 am start - ACU-5 - Camp Pendleton

And then an olympic tri in September.

Tri Events


In September we have the Disneyland Family 5k.

With these upcoming events, Jeff is swimming, biking and running hard. 

Jeff’s training plan called for a 5 mile run, the longest both of us have ever done.  The last time I ran was Sunday last week before I got sick with the plague.  I knew I couldn’t run that long and felt that Jeff had to do it on his own.  We originally planned him running the first two by himself and then the last 3 with me.  Since I could tell neither of us wanted to do this run and it totally sucks going out there alone and unmotivated, I suggested we run the first three together and then he could finish the last two on his own.  He quickly agreed and we were on our way.

Jeff quickly found his stride in the run while I took a little longer.  My shins started to hurt so I forced myself to land differently.  Then my lungs were on fire so I focused on my breathing.  About 1/2 mile into the run I finally got into the zone.  When 1.5 miles came around, I realized that I could probably keep running (1.5 was the longest I could run w/o a break).  1.75 came and I started to hurt.  I yelled to Jeff to run next to me instead of ahead to help me push through it. 

And when the Garmin alerted that we had reached 2 miles I cheered for myself!  2 miles straight through!  We walked for 1/2 a mile and then finished strong coming in at 39:06 – a personal 3 mile PR for me!!

Jeff gave me a high five and a heck yeah and then took off for his last 2 miles.  He killed those last two miles running a 9:45ish pace and straight through!  All around a good run day!!