Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jeff & the nieces

When we originally were planning our SF trip, it was going to be Danny, the girls and me.  However when I ran it by Jeff, he decided he wanted to come too. 


Originally I was a little worried.  While Jeff loves his nieces, they can sometimes try his patience (it should be noted that ANY child can try Jeff’s patience.)  I warned Jeff, this was not going to be a regular trip to SF that he and I enjoy.  This trip was going to revolve around the nieces.  Whether they were cranky, tired of walking, etc would determine our day. 

He assured me he understood and was prepared. 

Happy to report, Jeff was AWESOME when it came to traveling with the nieces.  He had no problem stopping 2-3 times on the drive there and back.  He gave multiple shoulder rides to the girls when they grew tired of walking.  He had no problems changing plans at the last minute if the girls were not digging what we were doing.

And most of all, he did not lose his temper once!! 


I was pleasantly surprised how well he vacationed with young children. 

I don’t know Jeff, maybe you just proved you are ready for “the next step”.  Winking smile