Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Class of 2023

Congratulations Brooky! 


Hahaha, more on that beautiful smile in a bit. 

After much pleading, begging and promises of baby sitting, Danny finally agreed to let me & my germs hitch a ride down to Brooklyn’s kindergarten graduation. 

We arrived a bit early and were greeted with a high pitch scream from Kalea that I’m sure the other classes thoroughly enjoyed. 


While we waited for the ceremony to begin, the teacher passed out the kids’ final report cards and their Certificate of Promotion.


Then the procession began.  All the kids filed in and took their place on the rug.  They had a special surprise for the parents…


Then the kids took their seats and one by one, their teacher announced their name. 


When their name was called, their walked up to receive their certificate and pose with the teacher, Ms. Christian.



Once all the kids received their certificates, it was time to turn their tassels!

IMG_9810 IMG_9811

As the ceremony ended, the mom next to Danny leaned over and said to him “oh you’re Brooklyn’s dad?”  When Danny said yes, she proceeded to tell him how her son comes home and all he talks about is Brooklyn this and Brooklyn that and he would tell his mom that Brooklyn is his girlfriend. 

Danny laughed along with REMY’s mom, but I’m sure he was sizing up the little boy and thinking how he could get some Father of the Girlfriend time with him…

You can see dear old Remy in the picture below.

IMG_9811 copy

Afterwards we wrangled the girls outside for some pictures.  Bad idea.  It was super cold and the girls were freezing!


Danny and I presented Brooklyn with her leis and asked for a picture.  That’s how this gem happened.  She was so cold and grumpy the best we could get was a fake smile and a scowl.


Congratulations my big girl niece!

And don’t think you're getting it easy during summer vacation.  We are practicing reading and counting…sorry!