Monday, June 13, 2011

2 little ducklings

Right around lunch time, Jeff was proposed with a chance to do something good.


The mama duck in the picture above had lost 2 of her babies down the storm drain in the same picture.  One of Jeff’s co-workers approached him and relayed that the mama duck was crying and crying for her 2 lost babies and someone (hint, hint) should try to save them.

Jeff, being Jeff, responded that maybe this was mother nature’s way of telling mama duck that she was not fit to take care of 10 ducklings, but maybe 8 was a better number.  In short, let mother nature take its course…yes, leave the ducklings in the storm drain.

I’m quite sure the look of horror from his co-worker made him think twice and then ultimately and begrudgingly agree to see what he could do. 

The situation was assessed and it was determined that Jeff who would have to go down the manhole to rescue the ducklings while Jonathon and Omar assisted from above. 


Once inside, Jeff had some trouble catching hold of the ducklings.  I don’t blame them!  First they take a scary fall and then they realize they are away from their mama.  Then this big guy comes down and tries to catch them! 


After much effort, Jeff, Jonathon and Omar were able to rescue 2 little ducklings and return them to their mama.

Ducks1 Ducks2


Mama duck says “Quack you!”  (Thank you) Winking smile