Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mt Baldy–Tour de California

I’m thoroughly p-o’d at my phone right now.  I took some cute pictures on it but for some reason they are not transferring to my computer when I email them. 

No worries, I was able to receive the pictures that Jeff and his friend took when they played homeless for the night. 

Jeff and his friends positioned themselves in the perfect spot to see riders coming and going.  They were fortunate enough to find a spot to turn off and park.  The people next to them had a pop up for shade and there was even a flat spot for a small tent. 




Up at the booth area, Dustin tried on the biker’s display helmet.  I think his parents have a future Tour rider on their hands!



Their view was so pretty.  A lot different than it looks in the winter.  All that green!



Here the riders come! 



Jeff was trying to explain that the spectators get crazy during the race.  They dress up in costumes and will literally run right next to the cyclists screaming and yelling. 

Yes, that is a man in a diaper. 


Jeff had a great time.  I think he plans on going next year, just hopefully not in a crazy costume!