Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where were we yesterday?

If you follow us on Twitter you might have had a clue…


We knew we wanted a small-intermediate SUV.  We liked the option of having a 3rd row seat and we preferred leather interior.  We had been looking at cars for awhile now and haven’t had any real luck.  It was (mostly) the wrong price, too big of a car, too many upgrades, etc.

Jeff finally decided he had to get aggressive and started emailing dealerships all over So Cal.  He got some pretty decent specs on some gently used cars so we decided we’d stop by to take a look. 

We headed out yesterday to go to Longo Toyota but before we even got out of our city, Jeff’s phone started blowing up with emails and voicemails from the rep at Crown Toyota.  Ontario is a lot closer than El Monte so we made a change of plans and drove east. 

Once at Crown, we looked at what they had and found a 2011 Toyota Highlander that was a base model with a very small upgrade package (super small).  It had the third row seat (yeah!) and definitely was in our price range. 

Long story short…


Yep we bought the car!  We were even able to upgrade the seats to after-market leather covered by Jeff’s trade in.  No more black Honda!


The car is a lot bigger than my tiny Acura and since I have the shorter work commute, I better get used to driving it fast. 

We took it by my dad’s to show it to him and one of the first things he mentioned was it didn’t have a tow hitch.  No dad, this is a future “family” car.  Not a “river, tow your boat” car.