Monday, November 28, 2011

Always buy the extended warranty

Last night as Jeff and I were laying down in bed we heard a loud thump.  I convinced Jeff to get up to investigate the noise, too lazy to do it myself.

He opened up the laundry room that is right outside our bedroom door.  He checked the dryer, looked fine.  Then he checked the washer.  C-R-A-P.  The towels we put in over an hour ago were sitting in a tub of water, unwashed.  We fiddled around with the knobs and then just stared at each other for a bit.


What do you do when you are faced with your first appliance problem in your 1st home?  It smelled like something had burned, so we unplugged the washer and went back to bed. 


This morning Jeff called and had a service technician come out to take a look.  The verdict…burned out transmission.  The cost…almost $300 to fix.  D-O-U-B-L-E  C-R-A-P. 

But wait!  The technician advised if we had purchased the extended warranty, it may still be covered.  Too bad we didn’t buy it.  In our naïve new homeowner status, we figured the washer/dryer would last at least 7-10 years and when it kicked, we’d just buy a new one.  Fast forward to today, RIP washer, you sucked for lasting only 3 years.

Moving on, the official race photos from our Turkey Trot are here!  Jeff of course looks great.

image image

And I just look fat.  LOL, why did I wear the light grey pants?  So unflattering. 

image image

I started decorating for Christmas and am almost done.  Stay tuned for pictures!