Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 Miles: A New PDR


Since Jeff and I usually run our longer runs on the weekend, we knew we’d be running in SF.  I was actually pretty excited for the change of scenery and the oxygen dense air.

IMG_2118 (640x480)

On Saturday morning, we headed out towards Crissy Fields and then down to the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were shooting for 4.5 miles.  It was so clear, you could easily see Alcatraz from our route. 

IMG_2119 (640x480)

IMG_2121 (640x473)

There were a lot of people out on the trail running, walking and biking.  We ran right by the beach and saw the cutest dog digging in the sand.  He was so intent on his hole, but sure enough-just like Chloe, as soon as he sensed his picture being taken, he looked at the camera and posed. 

IMG_2123 (640x480)

We were laughing that Chloe would be just like that dog, digging in the sand getting all dirty. 

We kept going and got closer and closer to the bridge.  Admittedly, my legs felt like lead at this point.  They were heavy and I had to literally tell them to keep moving. 

IMG_2126 (640x320)

IMG_2127 (640x471)

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IMG_2129 (640x463)

Obviously we stopped to take a lot of pictures.

IMG_2131 (640x477)

IMG_2134 (640x353)

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We made it all the way to Hopper’s Hands and then turned around to head home.  This lady totally called me out about not touching the hands…I was afraid of germs.  Smile

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As usual, the run back is always mentally better.  My legs were (finally) warmed up and feeling strong on the way back.

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It was during my euphoric mood that Jeff suggested we do 5 miles vs 4.5.  I was feeling good, so agreed after throwing a small fit.  (It’s weird but whenever we increase our distance by .5 miles, I always tell myself…It’s no different than going to C&C’s house.  They are exactly .5 miles away for our home and the walk is so short.  Telling myself that’s all we got to do instantly makes it more manageable.)

IMG_2141 (480x640)

5 miles, done and done.  Suck it, running!!

IMG_2142 (640x480)

IMG_2145 (640x480)

Yeah…we did it at a super slow speed.  So maybe running doesn’t have to suck it…

The run pretty much drained all our energy for the day so we stayed pretty local.  I started working on our Christmas cards and pulled this one out for the return address.  Notice how our friend addressed it to us…love that. 

IMG_2148 (640x480)

1st batch done.  Smile

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