Thursday, December 22, 2011

What we ate

One of the main reasons we go to San Francisco is to eat!  Here is a snapshot of what we ate while on vacation. 

IMG_2108 (640x480)IMG_2111 (640x480)IMG_2114 (640x480)IMG_2116 (640x480)IMG_2147 (640x480)IMG_2154 (640x480)IMG_2155 (640x480)IMG_2156 (640x480)IMG_2157 (480x640)IMG_2164 (640x480)IMG_2167 (640x480)IMG_2170 (640x480)IMG_2171 (640x480)IMG_2184 (480x640)IMG_2177 (640x480)IMG_2179 (640x480)IMG_2180 (640x480)IMG_2184 (480x640)IMG_2186 (640x480)IMG_2198 (640x480)IMG_2204 (640x480)IMG_2216 (640x480)IMG_2226 (480x640)IMG_2237 (640x480)IMG_2251 (640x480)IMG_2252 (640x480)IMG_2257 (640x480)

Admittedly, this is not even everything.  I would forget to snap a picture until what I was eating was completely gone…oops. 

This would probably be really fun on a cruise…maybe I can convince the husband we should go on one next year.  Winking smile