Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shopping & Celebrating

Last year we bought our tree late and were stuck with the Charlie Brown rejects.  This year we made it out there early and had our pick of trees. 

IMG_2041 (480x640) IMG_2043 (480x640)

IMG_2044 (640x480) IMG_2047 (480x640)

Kalea was so funny running around all the trees.  Every time we picked one out, she would run up to it and hug it.  Tree hugger. 

IMG_2048 (480x640)

IMG_2049 (640x480) IMG_2051 (640x480)

Once our trees were picked out, we wheeled them to the front for a fresh cut.

IMG_2052 (640x480)

The nieces followed Shannon into the store to pay and pick up some flowers. 

What the girls wanted to buy…

IMG_2053 (480x640) IMG_2054 (480x640)

What Shannon ended up buying…

IMG_2057 (480x640) IMG_2058 (480x640)

At the tree lot, they had a Santa cut out that of course the nieces wanted to pose with. 

IMG_2059 (476x640)IMG_2046 (480x640) IMG_2060 (480x640)

Once they finished posing with Santa, we all went home and started getting ready for dinner.  My dad had requested tacos so Jeff and I got to cooking and cleaning. 

IMG_2068 (640x480)

The older nieces helped me decorate my dad’s cake.  Kalea did the green, Hailey did the red and Brooklyn did the round sprinkles. 

IMG_2061 (640x480)

They also helped him lick the candles.  Winking smile


While we were all relaxing in the house, Jeff and Danny snuck out to finish putting up our lights!

IMG_2074 (640x414)

While we were in SF last December, a tree had some ornaments hanging that we liked so much, we copied it. 

IMG_2077 (480x640)

Since our gate lights burned out last year, we bought some new ones. 

IMG_2078 (480x640)

And to end the night, Uncle and niecey shenanigans.

IMG_2079 (480x640)

Happy Birthday Dad, hope you enjoyed your tacos and cake!