Monday, December 19, 2011

A day filled with shopping and food

Yesterday was our 1st day of major Christmas shopping!  We headed out around noon and made stops at a couple of places (can’t give the names away or it would ruin the surprise!).

The whole trip, Jeff had been mentioning about going to this Mexican restaurant in the Mission District.  We were finally able to fit it in and headed down there mid afternoon. 

The restaurant, El Castillito, was more of a whole in the wall and had really good reviews (4/5 stars) on and other websites. 

IMG_2171 (640x480)

For me, it was just okay.  Jeff loved it though.  I do have to say though, they made the BEST avocado salsa.  It was like guacamole soup.

In the evening, we continued our shopping spree and headed down to Union Square.  Usually we avoid it during December since it’s packed with tourists so I had forgotten how nice it looks during the holidays. 

IMG_2173 (640x471)

The city puts up an ice skating rink in the middle of the square and a huge lighted Christmas tree.  Can you spy something in front of the tree?  Yep, to include their Jewish visitors, the city also puts up a menorah (it’s not lit until Hanukah starts).  Mazel tov.

IMG_2176 (480x640)

We met my mom for dinner at a local Japanese restaurant.  It was busy which usually means it’s a good place to eat at.  Jeff was brave and ordered soup with a raw egg…

IMG_2179 (640x480)

We have more shopping plans for today…Danny, you Ghirardelli chocolate is on it’s way!